Creation includes imagery of the light of day and the dark of night; the waters adjacent to the land; and the transparent but ever-present hand of the Creator, God. The story of the first beginning is linked to its opposite window, the beginning of Christianity.

Donated by Howard and Marie Draper, in honor of their children and grandchildren

The Flood (with emphasis on the Olive Branch of Hope) depicts a world emerging from the gloom and darkness of a storm beneath the dominant image of the dove of peace carrying the olive branch symbolizing hope, which overpowers despair. The theme of hope connects it to window #8 emphasizing God’s gift of hope through Christ’s birth.

Donated by Jim and Patti Anderson, in memory of Nona Anderson.

Exodus symbolizes the flight of the Israelites from Egypt guided by God and Moses. It features the pyramids of Egypt, broken chains, the sacrificial lamb of Passover and the path to freedom through the Red Sea. This window parallels window #9 comparing Moses’ journey to that of Christ.

Donated by Grace Simmons, in honor of Hugh and Doris White.

Moses and the Law was inspired by the time spent by Moses receiving the word of God on Mt. Sinai. The window features the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written, the mountain where they were bestowed and buildings. Window #10 emphasizes the fulfillment and reinforcement of God’s law through Christ.

Donated by Carson and Nancy Grunewald, for the glory of God.

Manna in the Desert refers to how God sustains the Israelites in the desert by providing them food in an inhospitable and harsh environment. The quail and manna are compared to the bread and wine in window #11 the Last Supper. In both instances God provides sustenance and comfort.

Donated by Virginia Downs, in memory of Walter and Eva Downs.

Ezekiel’s Vision depicts his prophecy of the Lord breathing life into the bones of the fallen Israel, restoring a unified nation to live in its own land. Included are images of bones, the four winds, and the homes of the reborn. It is paired with window #12 the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

Donated by Robert and Betty Reas, to the glory of God.