“These ashes we commit to the ground.”

These ashes we commit to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

The Memorial Garden is one of the treasures of Grosse Pointe United Methodist Church.

The garden, which was dedicated on Oct. 15, 1972, has been lovingly maintained and remains a beautiful and meaningful expression of our dedication to honoring those who have entered the church eternal and whose family and friends wish them to be part of this lasting and living memorial. More than 350 inhumations have occurred since its creation.

The garden is nestled in the lee formed by the west wing of the building and the Memorial Chapel and is visible from Moross Road. The garden is in the character of English gardens with natural rock walls surrounding a lower level with planted beds. Stairways admit visitors to this lower level. Stone benches have been set onto the garden floor. It is a place of loveliness and remembrance and is used for the burial of ashes from cremations.

During inhumations, ashes are placed directly in the soil of the planting areas and become part of the life of the garden. The family and friends of the deceased may join in placing soil over the ashes if they wish.

The church does not mark the exact location of the ashes so the garden becomes one living memorial to all who are inhumed there. People are asked to refrain from planting or placing personal memorials in the garden.

If you are interested in inhumation, please email the church office or call the church administrator at 313-886-2363. She will walk you through the process and help you with arrangements. The Memorial Garden is open to all interested persons. You do not need to be a member of GPUMC to be inhumed here or to make arrangements for another person to be inhumed.

The church maintains a record of all persons whose remains are inhumed there. A print copy of those records is in the narthex adjacent to the Great Hall.