Nativity features the infant Jesus surrounded by angels in the night sky, with the guiding Christmas star overhead. 

Donated by Evelyn Griffith, in honor of the Griffith Family

Jesus Presented in the Temple symbolizes enlightenment and hope to a troubled society. Jesus is shown in the hand of God surrounded by radiant light.

Donated by Jim and Patti Anderson, in memory of Ralph and Beatrice Decker

Flight Into Egypt shows how the Christ Child was saved from certain death by being taken to Egypt. King Herod commanded the death of all male children in Bethlehem. The buildings of Bethlehem are shown in the background of this window with the pyramids in the forefront. A sword represents Herod’s method of deterring the ascendance of Christ. Christ like Moses is spared from early death to be a savior.

Donated by Bob and Marianne Kiess, in honor of Sarah and Stephen Van Walleghem

Jesus Healing and teaching uses the hands of Jesus as the theme for the window. The hands of Christ are healing, guiding, comforting and instructing. “Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.”

Donated by Patti Merritt, in memory of Earl Merritt

The Last Supper shows the bread and the cup in the foreground with images of Jesus and his disciples in the background, as Jesus prepares His followers for His fate, instructing and communing with them.

Donated by Rodney and Lynn Rask, to the glory of God

The Crucifixion represents the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf, with a representation of the site of the crucifixion the cross, and crown of thorns. The symbols remind us of both the suffering and end of the mortal life of Christ, and the recovery from death to eternal life in heaven granted by God.

Donated by Lois Whittier Batten Pickard & Family, in memory of Ellisabeth Carver & Thomas T. Whittier; Maude McCutcheon & John Batten